Walker, LA Air Conditioning Repair & Service


Although many other central and southern Louisiana towns were settled during the French occupation in the latter part of the 18th century, the area that would become Walker wasn’t permanently inhabited by European settlers until the third decade of the 19th century. Although the trails and waterways that crisscrossed the area had served as vital trade links for trappers, farmers and fishermen, Walker itself wasn’t deemed suitable for development for some time. Fortunately, this quickly changed. By the first decade of the 20th century, Walker had been incorporated as a town and attracted a vibrant collection of small businesses. Its proximity to Interstate 12 ensured that it continued to grow throughout that century. In fact, Walker had finally grown large enough to incorporate as a city by the first decade of the 21st century. It’s now one of Baton Rouge’s most beloved bedroom communities.


Walker sits on a generally flat, swampy plain that’s characterized by picturesque waterways and deep subtropical forests. Rice, corn and cotton are grown in the area, and hogs and cattle form the backbone of the region’s livestock industry. Thanks to its proximity to Baton Rouge, Walker is blessed with robust transportation connections to the rest of the state and country. In addition to Interstate 12, Louisiana Highways 449, 447 and 1027 pass through the city. Heavily trafficked U.S. Highway 190 serves as a principal “through route” for residents of Walker and other towns to the west.

Population and Demographics

As of the Census of 2010, Walker has over 6,000 inhabitants. Thanks to a steady influx of bargain-seeking house-hunters from Baton Rouge and other nearby communities, the city’s population has grown by more than a third in the past 15 years. If these trends continue, Walker’s population could double within the next decade. Most local families send at least one member to work in the Louisiana Capital Complex in Baton Rouge, and many other residents put in long hours at the refineries and terminals along the nearby Mississippi River. In general, locals enjoy a comfortable lifestyle that’s supported by relatively low housing and living costs.

Things to Do in Walker, Louisiana

As a classic all-American community, Walker has something for everyone. Known as the “Pine Tree Capital of the World,” the city draws “tree-gazers” from miles around with its towering evergreen trees and lush protected areas. In fact, Sidney Hutchinson Park is regarded as one of Louisiana’s finest municipal recreational spaces. For locals and visitors who want to paddle along the region’s beautiful bayous or hike through virgin woodlands, nearby Tickfaw State Park offers a true wilderness experience. Walker also boasts plenty of old architecture from its post-colonial days.

Climate and Weather

Walker enjoys a humid but mild climate that rarely sees hard frosts or freezes. In fact, winters can be quite pleasant: The region tends to avoid the storms that pass through the central part of the country, and Arctic blasts rarely make their way down to the Gulf Coast. During the spring and fall, thunderstorms occur with some regularity. Fortunately, tornadoes are a rarity. Summer’s bouts of heat and humidity are tempered by regular rainfall that can cool things down for days on end.

Air Conditioning Service in Walker, Louisiana

Whether they’re looking to prepare for summer’s heat with a new air conditioner or need an indoor air quality assessment to stave off spring allergies, Walker’s residents and business owners count on S&E Heating ,Air and Plumbing for all manner of HVAC support and service. For years, S&E Heating, Air and Plumbing’s NATE-certified technicians have offered plumbing, heating and air conditioning repair in the Walker area and built a loyal base of committed customers along the way. From major projects like historic-building retrofitting and main-unit replacement to routine repairs like annual preventative maintenance, filter changes and condenser replacements, the company’s work is the best in the business. What’s more, S&E Heating, Air and Plumbing keeps professionally trained, background-checked technicians on call around the clock to respond to unforeseen emergencies and perform urgent repairs.

As a factory-authorized retailer and dealer of Carrier equipment, S&E Heating, Air and Plumbing offers a Carrier-backed “100 percent satisfaction guarantee” on all of the products that it sells. These include heat pumps, central air conditioning units, filters, dehumidifiers, replacement parts, furnaces and boilers. To ensure that its products provide years of safe, reliable heating and cooling service, S&E is proud to offer regular maintenance plans for its valued customers. Walker is fortunate to have an plumbing, heating and air conditioning service provider like S&E Heating, Air and Plumbing.