Preventative Maintenance Agreements

HVAC Maintenance Agreements Serving Denham Springs, LA, and surrounding areas

Heating and cooling equipment manufacturers engineer their products to provide energy efficient indoor comfort through many years of dependable service. Furnaces and air conditioners are subject to extreme stress and wear over time, especially in areas with severe seasonal weather. No matter how recently HVAC equipment has been installed, every system requires regular maintenance to continue operating at peak efficiency.

Maintenance Services

Heating and AC preventative maintenance is an important component in maximizing comfort and extending the equipment lifecycle. At S&E Heating & Air, we believe that a well-maintained system costs less to operate, provides better humidity control and helps improve indoor air quality.

On a seasonal basis, we send factory trained and NATE certified technicians to your home or office to perform a variety of importance services. This includes inspecting and testing vital components, lubricating motors and moving parts, cleaning coils, changing filters, checking the refrigerant charge, adjusting burners, balancing the resisters, and calibrating the system to the manufacturer’s original specifications.

The Benefits of System Maintenance

Cooling and heating service agreements provide many important benefits when performed by a qualified HVAC contractor.

  • Better Comfort: Even small problems in equipment operation can substantially degrade indoor comfort. When an air conditioner short cycles, humidity control is compromised and indoor air becomes stagnant and stale.
  • Lower Repair Costs: Heating and AC preventative maintenance is designed to locate minor problems before they affect system performance or escalate into a complete failure. Worn parts add additional stress to other components in the system. An unexpected repair can be disruptive and expensive, especially during extreme temperatures when contractors are unusually busy.
  • Lower Energy Costs: Our technicians ensure that every heating and air conditioning system is calibrated to provide maximum efficiency. We also check for obvious air leaks, perimeter penetrations and other structural deficits that degrade system performance.
  • Enhanced Safety: An obstructed waste gas venting system or a cracked heat exchanger can create a potentially catastrophic carbon monoxide hazard, especially if the air distribution system is compromised. We test and inspect all safety controls and verify the proper operation of all critical system components.
  • Longer Equipment Life: Equipment that is properly maintained will generally run fewer hours to provide the same total capacity. Over time, internal components that are dirty, clogged or impaired must work longer and harder to satisfy the thermostat call. Preventative maintenance helps reduce wear on internal parts, which can significantly extend the life cycle of the equipment

Total HVAC Service

For those who are not quite ready for a long-term commitment, we recommend a preseason tune-up, which provides many of the same services as an AC and heating service agreement. S&E Heating & Air is your best choice for HVAC installation, maintenance, service and repair.