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HVAC Commercial Construction Services

Commercial heating and air conditioning systems are designed to maximize employee productivity while enhancing energy efficiency and overall comfort. Facility administrators and developers face substantial challenges managing HVAC resources. Since heating and cooling expenses usually account for over one-third of the total power consumption in a typical commercial building, it is important to choose a contractor with significant experience in every aspect of commercial AC and heat installation, design, repair and maintenance.

Commercial Design

In any commercial AC and heat installation project, the HVAC contractor must evaluate the plans and review the budget prior to developing a comprehensive strategy. Light commercial heating and AC equipment generally ranges from 5-15 tons in capacity. Cooling and heating specifications can vary substantially depending on the building's intended use. For example, tenant improvements provide an opportunity to conduct an onsite measure-and-draw evaluation early in the bid process.

For new construction and retrofit jobs, the contractor must run a complete series of load calculations based on ACCA Manual J standards prior to selecting the capacity of the equipment. Establishing the load for each room in the building is critical for maintaining an acceptable indoor temperature and humidity level, especially when weather conditions are severe. Manual J includes a variety of dynamic design criteria including infiltration, perimeter tightness, occupancy rates and process generated heat. In conjunction with Manual J, the air distribution system should always be sized around the latest ACCA Manual D publication.


A qualified commercial HVAC contractor coordinates with the general contractor from the rough-in stage through final completion. During the construction phase of the project, our mechanics install the ductwork to meet blueprint specifications. All connections are fastened and sealed to minimize air leakage. After setting the equipment and charging the system with refrigerant, we verify the operation and performance of any included economizers or make-up air units. When the temperature drop across the ductwork is measured and calculated, we will balance the registers for optimal performance and maximum air flow.

Commercial Services

As energy costs continue to escalate, qualified HVAC contractors have assumed a more prominent role in assisting facilities administrators in managing their overall energy consumption. At S&E Heating & Air, we offer a full array of commercial HVAC services designed specifically for the business community.

For many companies, a dependable heating and air conditioning system is a vital element required to conduct day-to-day operations. This can be especially true in industries that have critical environmental control requirements like data centers, retail, food services and healthcare. Unlike residential service, commercial cooling and heating equipment is usually integrated directly into a company's operational processes.

In the commercial environment, every heating and cooling repair requirement is time sensitive. When a unit malfunctions, the business can lose customers; workers are less productive, and sensitive inventory may perish. We recognize the frustration business owners feel when they are unable to contact their service provider in a timely manner.

We strive to answer every repair inquiry promptly, and service calls are always prioritized based on the urgency of the situation. Our NATE certified technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to quickly identify the source of the failure. Repairs are completed rapidly and accurately, and most common components are stocked in our service vehicles. A live operator is always available, and we offer 24-hour emergency service for urgent situations.

Comprehensive HVAC Services

S&E Heating & Air is proud to serve commercial and residential customers in Denham Springs, LA and the surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of commercial HVAC services designed to enhance indoor comfort, lower fuel costs and extend the life cycle of the equipment.