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In the early 1700s, as French explorers were scouting the area around the Mississippi River, they came upon a red-colored pole decorated with animal skins. This was a way of marking tribal hunting boundaries. Explorers called the area le Baton Rouge, or red stick. The fertile soil along the river was ideal for growing tobacco, sugarcane, cotton and indigo, and several plantations were constructed along the river banks. After the Treaty of Paris, the city came under British rule and was renamed New Richmond. In 1779, the Spanish took control, but in 1810, the citizens declared independence and named the area the West Florida Republic. Louisiana became a state in 1812, and Baton Rouge became the capital of Louisiana in 1848.

Baton Rouge was under Union control for most of the Civil War, but the capital was moved to other cities. During the Battle of Baton Rouge, Confederates attempted unsuccessfully to regain control of the city, but it remained in Union hands. The capital was permanently relocated back to Baton Rouge in 1882. A new capitol building was built in 1932, and it is the tallest one in the United States. During World War II, the city experienced a growth in manufacturing jobs, and today, Baton Rouge is home to several major petrochemical companies.


According to the latest estimates, Baton Rouge has a population of nearly 450,000 people, and its citizens are an eclectic blend of several cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Approximately 87 percent of the adults have graduated from high school, and about 34 percent of the adult residents have graduated from college. The median income is $47,000. Baton Rouge is also the home of Louisiana State University.


Baton Rouge has a humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot and humid, and the winters are relatively mild. Typically, the city receives about 60 inches of rain each year. The average high temperature is 92 degrees, and August is the warmest month of the year. During the winter, the average low temperature is 42 degrees.


With its rich heritage and mix of different cultures, Baton Rouge is filled with interesting places to visit, enjoyable things to do and delectable food to sample. Although it is known for its Creole and Cajun fare, Baton Rouge offers a wide variety of cuisine, including Asian, Italian, Mexican and American. The city hosts several festivals during the year, including the Baton Rouge Blues Festival, which celebrates the city's musical heritage, the Christmas Festival of Lights and the Bayou Country Superfest, which features some of the biggest names in country music. On Friday nights, there are also free concerts in the downtown area in the spring and fall. Additionally, Baton Rouge has the largest Mardi Gras parade outside of New Orleans. The city is also home to several plantations, including Magnolia Mound and The Myrtles.

Air Conditioning and Plumbing Service in Baton Rouge, LA

With the city's warm temperatures and high humidity, you'll need reliable air conditioning to maintain a comfortable home. At S&E Heating, Air and Plumbing, our experienced technicians are available for routine maintenance, scheduled repairs and emergency air conditioning, heating and plumbing repair. When it becomes necessary to upgrade your HVAC system, we can install a new air conditioner or heat pump. An energy-efficient unit can lower your utility bills and maximize your comfort.